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The DOUBROUGH (Daubrah) Family

This is Charles Doubrough SR with his first born Reginald. Charles died at 39 years of age in Hamilton Ontario. He worked for the Dominion Power and Transmission Company as an electrician. While installing a hydro service in a home near Grimsby he was accidentally electrocuted on the hydro pole he was working on. He left behind his wife and three sons Reg, Tip and Charlie.

       Charles and Agnes Doubrough

           Reg     Tip     Charlie

The 3 brothers in Hamilton Ontario
He was first born to Charles and Agnes in 1899. Married Rose Jones and had 2 daughters Mary and Helen Doubrough.

He was 2nd born and married Ivy Hilda Pengelly and had 3 children, Charles and Eunice & Jenice Doubrough, who were twins.

He was 3rd born and married Margaret Burden and they had no children.

Lincolnshire, England to Southern Ontario, Canada

Settled in Dungannon Tp., Hastings County c.1885.

Emigrated from Germany to Renfrew/Hastings County c.1864.

The first Doubrough family came to Canada from England in 1875. John and Betsy Doubrough settled in the Stoney Creek Ontario area at that time. They had 13 children who grew up in the Hamilton-Niagara Falls area. The Doubrough family originally came from Heckington Lincolnshire England. The original spelling of our name was "Daubrah", it shows up on most of the birth certificates of John & Betsy's children in England. Tip's father Charles was one of the 13 children of John and Betsy.

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