Charlie was a good hearted mild mannered  man.
He loved gardening, hunting, fishing, horseracing and making wine in the basement. His nickname was (Chick) and lived in Hamilton Ontario most of his life.

Margaret and Charlie were married in 1946 in Hamilton Ontario. He was a Typewriter Technician for Remington Rand. Margaret also worked for the company. He and Margaret traveled to Buenos Aires in Argentina to set up a plant for Remington Rand in the 50s.
He and his brother Tip loved to play cards (Euchre) and had a great time at New Year's get-togethers, where the noise was deafening.

This is four generations of Charles Doubrough's together at one time.

Charles Theodore Doubrough    (centre)

Charles Alfred Doubrough         (top left)        

Charles Sheldon Doubrough      (right)

Charles John Doubrough           (bottom left)

It was a good get-together, unfortunately Charlie passed away a short time later....Picture taken in October 1986.

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